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TOP-10 of the most sold drugs in the US over the past 25 years

A list of TOP-10 medicines has been published by the volume of sales in the USA. Over the past 25 years, the largest sales volume was recorded for the mega-blockbuster Lipitor, which is not surprising, the drug of Pfizer brought the company 94.67 billion dollars. In the TOP-10 there are also drugs that do not […]

X7 Research takes part in the 5th Congress of Russian Pharmacologists

Colleagues, X7 Research takes part in a five-day event “Scientific foundations for the search and development of new drugs”, which will be held on May 14-18, 2018 in Yaroslavl, in the “Millennium” congress center. The following events are planned for this year’s congress: Organizational meeting of the Russian Scientific Society of Pharmacologists. Roundtable “Scientific and […]

X7 Research participates in the Russian Pharmaceutical forum

Colleagues, X7 Research takes part in a two-day international event “Russian Pharmaceutical forum”, which will be held on May 15-16, 2018 in Corinthia Saint-Petersburg Hotel. The following key topics will be considered at the event this year: Labelling of medicines in Russia GMP inspections State procurement of pharmaceutical drugs: VED list, price setting & the […]

FDA has issued a new guidance on clinical trials for neurological disorders

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) haы released a new guidance on clinical trials for following neurological disorders: Alzheimer’s disease (AD), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, pediatric seizures, and migraine. The purpose of this guideline is to provide sponsors with more specific directives so that to save time and resources. Instead of publishing any […]

Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new draft guidance for industry. It outlines the scientific and ethical issues that should be addressed when considering the dilemma of including pregnant women in clinical trials of medicinal and biological products. There are more than 60 million women of reproductive age in the United States […]

The upcoming amendments in the Federal Law No 61

Recently draft amendments of the Federal Law №61 “On drug circulation” dated 12/04/2010 were published. According to the current Law interchangeable medicines are medicine with proved therapeutic equivalence or bioequivalence when compared with the reference medicines and have equivalent content of active substances, excipients and the same form of administration. The characteristics of interchangeable medicines […]

Pharma 2030

The Ministry of Industry and Trade began to elaborate a program for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation until 2030 – Pharma 2030. By the end of April, it is planned to submit the first draft of documents. One of the important directions of the strategy is the creation of a […]

Specialty Vaccines for Infectious Diseases

Developing specialty vaccines for emerging and overlooked infectious diseases is a challenging and rewarding enterprise with specific opportunities and problems. Large companies have not historically prioritized this area and instead have focused on the development and commercialization of routine vaccines and vaccines for diseases with more significant global markets. There are many problems in developing […]

A break-through in glucose level monitoring

Researchers from the University of Bath (United Kingdom) have created a non-invasive, adhesive patch which measures blood glucose level without a finger-prick blood test. It means that millions of patients with diabetes all over the globe won’t need to conduct a painful and unpleasant finger-prick blood test anymore. This system does not penetrate the skin, […]

X7 Research will participate in the CPHI North America

Colleagues, X7 Research will take part in a three-day international exhibition “CPHI North America”, which will be held on April 24-26, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The event is worth to visit for several reasons: Highly qualified speakers who focus on innovative, big ideas on everything from manufacturing to outsourcing, R&D, drug delivery, and more. […]